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Jennifer McEwen

The Cyber Defense: How we helped a law firm protect themselves and their clients, so they could stay 100% focused on their work.

I was talking to a commercial attorney who was telling me about her own commercial insurance representative. She said, “You know, they just don’t get what I do. They are not interested in getting into the weeds of my practice, and learning what’s important  to me.” She went on, “Oh, and they just sent me this quote about insuring myself against cyber issues. They didn’t explain it and I really didn’t understand what they were talking about.” 

Well, I did know what her agent was talking about because I provide “breach” quotes all the time. I was completely up to date and knew exactly what kind of questions to ask her.  She was very grateful that, by actually listening to how her firm functioned, I could help her get the protection she actually needed. 

This attorney just wanted to focus on what she loved to do which was writing business contracts.

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