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Innocent Oversight: Here’s how we plugged a glaring gap in coverage for a non-profit that was unknowingly exposed to a substantial risk.

This non-profit didn’t know just how vulnerable they were.

Here is a great example of not holding back.

I was talking with a new client, the CFO of a reputable non-profit with an excellent mission. I was going through their existing, commercial insurance contract and noticed that they didn’t seem to have any sexual abuse coverage. This was beyond puzzling because they had just told me they have several counselors who work behind closed doors with at-risk kids. Turns out their prior insurance agent never brought up the need for such coverage and they were not informed that it put them at risk.

It gets worse. It turns out that this same non-profit also has psychiatrists on staff who prescribe medication. Writing prescriptions exposes the physician and the non profit to medical malpractice lawsuits. Once again, no coverage! When it began to dawn on the CFO how vulnerable they were, she told her staff to fire their current agent and hire me.

I am so proud of this, not because another agent lost a big account, but because my expertise in the non-profit arena saved this organization from a potential nightmare that could have cost them everything.

This is the kind of glaring error made possible when you work with an agent that does not understand nonprofits. Modesty aside, there are very few of us out there, you know, specialists like me who understand the risks that come when working with children. They really should always be working with an agent that has this as a niche. If someone files a suit for sexual abuse and there is no coverage, one bad actor can derail an entire non-profit’s mission. Even if the allegation proves to be false there can be many large legal expenses before getting to that point.  An insurance agent should have had your back, because, once again, you never know what you don’t know until it’s too late.

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