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We help to eliminate gaps in your coverage.

When was the last time someone thoroughly scrutinized your commercial insurance agreement to make sure your business or non-profit was fully protected?

If you’re like most, it’s probably been awhile since you took a look at all those pages crammed with legal-speak in a teeny-tiny font. Even if you are one of the few who always reads contracts carefully, how would you ever know if anything important was missing?

Without the right experience and attention to detail, it can be nearly impossible to protect your organization from a devastating surprise lawsuit or an unforeseen disaster. Bad stuff happens to good organizations — no matter how careful you are.

About JM Insurance Services

At JM Insurance, we have over 20 years of experience protecting companies from what they couldn’t see coming. We have insured nearly every industry there is against accidents, mishaps, professional liability, and so much more.

As an independent commercial insurance agency, we offer unbiased perspective on what kind of coverage you need, and seek the best rates from multiple providers.

We work for you!

Here’s how we saved one small business millions of dollars when their factory literally EXPLODED.

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Industries We Serve




Real Estate

General Business

Types of Coverage

General Liability

A key coverage for most business owners, General Liability can respond to lawsuits or claims stating your organization caused bodily injury or property damage. For example, a slip and fall on your property and the visitor or guest pursues your business for medical costs and permanent injury. These claims can reach into the thousands or much higher. It is advisable to protect your business revenues from these types of claims.

Commercial Automobile Coverage

If you own company vehicles, you will want to insure them for any accidents or damage. Commercial Auto coverage can also include non-owned automobiles. This is important if you have employees driving their own vehicles while on company business. Non-owned auto coverage is very important if your business does not own any vehicles but has employees driving their personal vehicles.

Commercial Umbrella

The standard limits for General Liability and Commercial Auto Liability is $1,000,000. What if a claim exceeds $1,000,000? An umbrella can sit over the liability policies to afford greater coverage for a lawsuit. For example, let’s say your employee is driving a company vehicle and is in a major accident. The employee injuries would fall under Workers Comp, but the damage caused to the other vehicle and bodily injury of the driver who was hit total $2,000,000. In this case, a commercial umbrella would cover the additional million dollars of liability.

Worker’s Compensation

Workers Comp is required by the State of Connecticut for anyone that your business pays. This can include full-time and part time employees, as well as independent contractors, and 1099 individuals. Workers Comp can include medical payments and lost wages for workers injured ‘while in the scope of employment’. Appropriate workers comp plans can vary greatly depending on the industry, and is a crucial decision for employers to ensure they are covered.

Cyber/Privacy Liability

Cyber Insurance is a critical coverage to review at for every business and nonprofit. If a hacker steals your clients, employees or private data, your business could be held legally liable or face fines due to Federal regulations. Corvus Insurance has stated that “62% of small businesses have gone out of business within 6 months of being hit by a ransomware attack to the tune of over $48,000 in expenses”. Internet security and Tech firms recommend cyber insurance because they know their services are comprehensive but occasionally – the hackers can get through.

Specialty Policies by Industry

Every industry is unique in its specific needs for commercial insurance. In food service for example, a specialty policy would need to include liquor liability, while a general contractor will need special coverage for heavy machinery. No matter what products you sell or what services you provide, every organization will have specific business insurance needs.

Here’s how we helped a law firm protect themselves and their clients, allowing them to remain 100% focused on what they do best.

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Cookie-cutter just won’t cut it!

In just about every case, a cookie cutter policy will leave huge gaps in your liability coverage. You need an experienced agent on your side. You need someone who knows what to look for, understands the ins-and-outs of a complicated insurance policy, and cares enough to make sure you’re protected when you need it!

No conflict of interest.

If you’ve ever bought commercial insurance from one of the big guys, you know just how impersonal and salesy it can be. After being led through a series of annoying voice prompts, you are connected with the first sales representative available — one who knows nothing about your business and is carefully trained to sell highly-profitable, cookie cutter insurance policies. These anonymous salespeople have little interest in actually protecting you.

And even if you are lucky enough to have an experienced and dedicated agent with one of the big insurance providers, they almost always have a vested interest in selling you their company’s products. You may not even get to see how other plans compare in terms of coverage and price. We take a different approach . . .

Fully independent.

We are not beholden to anyone for package products or corporate sales goals. Our first and only priority is keeping our clients protected from harm.

We aim to build long-term-relationships by getting our clients the best coverage available, at the best possible rates. 

Now, if you are already getting that kind of service from your existing provider . . . that’s great! We will tell you straight-up to stick with them . . . but if there’s any doubt in your mind that you’re not completely covered or you’re paying too much, then give us a call.

Complete review of existing insurance.

Knowing an organization’s risk is key to what we do. Without a complete understanding of what your business does or how it operates, we simply can’t identify the holes in the coverage — and neither can anyone else.

That’s why we perform a thorough initial review to see what your existing insurance protects you against and where there may be holes in that coverage.

Looking closely at your employees, your workplace, your customers, and the type of work you do is the only way to effectively protect your business from a major financial setback.

Here’s how we plugged a glaring gap in coverage for a non-profit that was unknowingly exposed to a substantial risk.

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“You never get anywhere without taking risks. We help keep you safe with a common sense approach to risk management.”

Jennifer McEwen​

meet the founder

Jennifer McEwen

Jen has been protecting clients with strategic commercial insurance programs for over 20 years. She has insured businesses in nearly every industry on the list, and has developed a unique specialty for helping non-profits, as well as companies in healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, and others. Jen also teaches classes on insurance at SCORE and CEDF.

Jen is the point person for every JM insurance client. We know that bad stuff sometimes happens to good and responsible organizations — and we’re here to keep that from happening to you!

Complimentary Consultation

If you are focused on managing your non-profit or business, chances are you’re not an expert in commercial insurance. Fortunately, we are. We can show you if you have the best policy for your business.

Let’s start off with a complimentary consultation to see how well you’re covered . . .

JM Insurance is uniquely qualified to find you the best commercial insurance available:

  • Twenty years experience in identifying potential liabilities in your industry
  • Firsthand knowledge about your business or non-profit
  • The ability to find you the best quote from multiple providers
  • No conflict of interest company products or corporate sales goals
  • The patience to hold your hand when you need an explanation
  • Get a no-pressure insurance review!

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations often require specialized coverage depending on the nature of their particular cause. While working with kids, supporting those in need, and soliciting donations it’s important to stay cognizant of potential liabilities. Risks and negligence of employees do not subside simply because an organization seeks to do good. To ensure full protection against potential risks and liabilities, seek a thorough review of your commercial insurance needs.

Non-profit organizations that may require specific types of coverage:

  • Education and youth services
  • Animal care and protection
  • Food pantries and hunger relief
  • Environmental and nature preservation
  • Physical and mental health facilities

Specific coverage may include:

  • Sexual abuse and molestation liability
  • Special events coverage for fundraisers
  • Professional liability
  • Non-owned auto coverage

Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare companies require thorough insurance coverage to protect against potential risks. Your insurance policy must protect valuable medical equipment, confidential patient information, risks to your employees who work directly with patients, as well as other potential liabilities. Medical facilities and other healthcare related entities will need insurance coverage that protects you from a variety of unique risks.

Healthcare organizations that may require specific types of coverage:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Home care agencies
  • Outpatient facilities / diagnostic laboratories
  • Medical offices & clinics

Specific coverage may include:

  • Professional liability
  • Medical malpractice insurance
  • Outbreak coverage

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing companies face unique risks during every shift, and in some cases, these liabilities can be substantial. Employee safety, equipment protection, and disruption of the supply chain are all factors that need to be considered when developing an insurance policy for a manufacturing business. Policies can be designed to include specific coverages that apply to your manufacturing facility and prepare you to face any of these risks head-on.

Manufacturing companies that may require specific types of coverage:

  • Product design, production, and distribution
  • Food and drink packaging facilities
  • Casting, extruding, stamping, and cutting
  • Assembly lines and warehouses

Specific coverage may include:

  • Business interruption coverage
  • Contingent business interruption
  • Inventory coverage

Real Estate Companies

Commercial insurance policies for real estate entities need to be equipped to handle numerous traditional and emerging risks. Protecting visitors from slips and falls, potential for damage to the property itself, and catastrophic events such as fire and flooding are just some of the risks that need to be considered. We will perform a thorough coverage review to assess your current policy and make recommendations to bolster your coverage to protect you against additional financial risk.

Real estate entities that may require specific types of coverage:

  • Apartment buildings, condominiums, and townhome communities
  • Owners and managers of commercial buildings
  • Private holdings and REITs
  • Homeowners associations
  • Real estate development

Specific coverage may include:

  • Loss of rents
  • Property limit evaluation
  • Flood coverage

General Businesses

JM Insurance works with general businesses of all shapes and sizes. From retail stores, to restaurants, to professional service companies, we can help you create a policy that is tailored to your industry and your specific business. We have over 20 years of experience working with just about every kind of industry. We will identify potential risks through our unique, comprehensive review of your business insurance needs.

General businesses that may require specific types of coverage:

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Retail and wholesale stores
  • General contractors and construction
  • Professional business services (consultants, engineers, etc.)
  • Professional consumer services (law firms, financial planners, etc.)

Common coverage may include:

  • Liquor liability
  • Non-owned auto coverage
  • Tools and equipment coverage
  • Professional liability